Avatars and Uploading

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Avatars and Uploading

Post by BBAdmin » Mon May 22, 2006 9:56 pm

What is an Avatar?
You can associate a picture of your choice to your account. This picture is called an "avatar". If you click the profile link at the top of most pages when logged in, you will go to your profile page. Scroll to the bottom and you will see the avatar section.

In selecting an avatar you have 3 choices:
  • * Upload an Avatar from your machine
    * Upload an Avatar from a URL
    * Select an Avatar from a supplied gallery
Uploading from your computer or an url (web site)
If you decide to upload a picture as your avatar, there are size limitations in both bytes and dimensions. The max size is 15KB and 100x100 pixels.

If you violate one of these constraints when you click the Submit button to update your profile, your profile page will merely refresh and you will receive an error message at the top, such as "The avatar image file size must be less than 15 KB". This condition is not always obvious to the user and so we point it out.

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