We offer a wide array of predictive analytics skills and solutions to the financial sector. Our customers include individual and professional traders, funds, advisory services and banks.

Individual and Professional Traders

We provide a suite of markets analytics tools and technologies for estimating the likelihood of securities prices to rise and fall which they use to take positions in the markets or to bias their day trading strategies appropriately. Product include:

Funds and Advisory Services

We provide a high volume securities forecasting server, the "Enterprise Modeling Server" which uses genetically optimized neural networks to forecast the probability of the rise and fall of 1000's of securities' prices days, weeks and months into the future. CALL: 1-281-760-4007 to discuss and for a quotation.


We also provide the "Enterprise Modeling Server" to forecast customer demand, such as teller transactions, for driving staffing and planning. CALL: 1-281-760-4007 to discuss and for a quotation.


  • Sector: Finance
  • Clients:
    • Individual Traders
    • Commercial Traders
    • Funds
    • Advisory Services
    • Banks
  • Value Offer:
    • Buy/Sell/Short Timing
    • Returns Forecasting by Security
    • Demand Forecasting
  • Skills: Data Access, Cleansing, Validation, Indicator Building, High Volume Modeling, Bulk Historic and Real-Time Prediction, Performance Monitoring, Reporting, Project Management