We offer a variety of predictive analytics skills and solutions to marketing departments. Our customers include all business sectors.

Likelihood to Purchase: Lift

Our tools are used to estimate the likelihood of a customer to purchase a particular product or service based on their demographics, psychographics and other behavioral metrics. This can be used in a variety of ways, including targeting customers with high purchase probability while divesting marketing from customer not likely.

Drivers of Purchase Behavior

Following on from above, we have the means to identify within the data which are the key factors associated with a customer purchasing, or not.

Customer Satisfaction Drivers

Our marketing customers like the ability to model customer satisfaction vs. the characteristics of the product and services. These models can then be used to understand the key drivers of satisfaction. Excel workbook "simulators" can be used in "what if" analysis to adjust product and service factors and see the effect on satisfaction. Optimizers can also be applied to adjust factors economically to maximize customer satisfaction.


  • Sector: Marketing
  • Clients:
    • 3rd Party Marketing Firms
    • Direct with Product and Service Providers
    • In All Business Sectors
  • Value Offer:
    • Likelihood to Purchase / Lift
    • Maximizing Customer Satisfaction
  • Skills: Data Access and Appending from Multiple Sources, Cleansing, Validation, Predictive Modeling, What-If Analytics, Performance Optimization, Reporting, Project Management